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2022 June Newsletter

Robeson County Housing Authority - Bridging the Gap

Pest Control:

Down East will be on site this month conducting routine pest control maintenance. They will be going into units to spray.

Tidy Tips:

Food Disposal: All food must be disposed of in a trash bag and trash can. This includes grease. Disposing of food and grease on the property is a lease violation.

Summer Tips:

  • NO Large parties/cookouts
  • NO Swimming Pools
  • NO Bounce Houses
  • NO Loitering on RCHA Property
  • Please make sure all bikes, toys, approved water sprinklers, and slip slides are put away after use. Do not leave these items in the yards and roads.
  • Please monitor your children while outside playing.
  • Please make sure all trash is disposed of in the trash cans.
  • Grills are to be used at least 50 feet from buildings.
  • Noise Ordinance/Curfew: Please be respectful of other residents and keep noise levels at a respectable manner


  • RCC will be hosting Career Readiness classes at RCHA throughout the month of June and July. For more information, please call Alisa Locklear at 910.738.4866 ext. 103.
  • RCHA has implemented a new late policy notice. If you receive a late notice, please adhere to the information on the notice to prevent possible lease termination. 

Important Dates:

RCHA Offices will be CLOSED on Monday, June 20th in observance of Juneteenth. 

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