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2021 Winter Newsletter

HVAC Reminders

  • Do NOT run your HVAC unit with your doors and windows open. This will cause damage to the HVAC unit.
  • Maintenance will place new air filters monthly at every unit. Tenants are responsible for replacing new air filters.
  • Maintenance will replace air filters for the elderly and disabled.

Housekeeping Reminders

  • Annual Inspections will start at the end of January. Be reminded poor Housekeeping is a violation of your lease.
  • There should be NO furniture in front of windows. This includes headboards and dressers. They must be moved. If the furniture is found blocking windows, you will possibly fail your annual inspection.
  • Christmas is approaching. All dumping of trash and furniture will result in a Dumping Charge.
  • Do NOT flush any wipes in the toilet.
  • Parking on grass will result in a lease violation.

Pest Control

  • Pest Control will be at every community in the month of December.

Pet Policy

  • Pets that are not registered with RCHA is a lease violation and could result in termination of your lease.
  • Pets must be put up in order for maintenance to come in and complete a work order. This includes when the tenant is present or not present.

RCHA will be CLOSED from December 20th through the 27th.

During this time only EMERGENCY work orders will be completed.

All non-emergency work orders must be submitted online and before we close for the holiday.

RCHANC 2021 newsletter