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2019 PHAS Score Report

The Robeson County Housing Authority received High Performer status once again for fiscal year-end 6/30/2019.

This designation comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Public and Indian Housing Real Estate Assessment Center.

Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Score Report for Interim Rule

Report Date: 9/24/2020
PHA Code: NC084
Fiscal Year End: 6/30/2019

PHAS Indicator: Physical
Original Score 34
Adjustment: 0
Net Score: 34
Maximum Score: 40

PHAS Indicator: Financial
Original Score: 23
Adjustment: 0
Net Score: 23
Maximum Score: 25

PHAS Indicator: Management
Original Score: 22
Adjustment: 1
Net Score: 23
Maximum Score: 25

PHAS Indicator: Capital Fund
Original Score: 10
Adjustment: 0
Net Score: 10
Maximum Score: 10

PHAS Indicator: Late Penalty Points
Original Score: 0
Adjustment: 0
Net Score: 0

PHAS Indicator: PHAS Adjustment
Original Score: 0
Adjustment: 0
Net Score: 0

PHAS Total Score
Original Score: 89
Adjustment: 1
Net Score: 90
Maximum Score: 100

Designation Status: High Performer

Published 05/23/2019
Initial Published 09/13/2019

Financial Score Details

Submission Type: Audited/Single Audit

FASS Score before deductions
Score: 23.12

Maximum Score: 25

Audit Penalties
Score: 0.00

Total Financial Score Unrounded (FASS Score - Audit Penalties)
Score 23.12
Maximum Score: 25
Capital Fund Score Details

Timeliness of Fund Obligation
1. Timeliness of Fund Obligation %: 90.0
2. Timeliness of Fund Obligation Points
Score: 5
Maximum Score: 5

Occupancy Rate
3. Occupancy Rate %: 98.62
4. Occupancy Rate Points
Score: 5
Maximum Score: 5

Total Capital Fund Score (Fund Obligation + Occupancy Rate): Score: 10 - Maximum Score 10


The scores in this Report are the official PHAS scores of record for your PHA. PHAS scores in other systems are not to be relied upon and are not being used by the Department.

Due to rounding, the sum of the PHAS indicator scores may not equal the overall PHAS rule.

"0" FASS score indicates a late presumptive failure. See 902.60 and 902.92 of the Interim PHAS rule.

"0" Total Capital Fund Score is due to a score of "0" for Timeliness of Fund Obligation. See the Capital Fund.

PHAS Interim Rule Website