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Moving to Work

Robeson County Housing Authority has been selected to participate in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) cohort #1 of the Moving to Work (MTW) expansion.

To learn more about the program, visit the Moving to Work page.

MTW flyer - All information listed below

Moving to Work

Participation in the MTW expansion allows RCHA to develop local policies to meet MWW objectives, as well as flexibility on some spending.

What Moving to Work Designation Is:

  • Opportunities for RCHA and HUD to design and test approaches for providing and administering housing assistance.
  • Opportunities to hear directly from residents and participants about what barriers exist within existing housing policies and requirements. MTW provides flexibility on spending and policy-making to make changes to better expand housing choice and participant self-sufficiency.

What Moving to Work Designation Is NOT:

  • MTW does not mean less oversight and transparency. MTW agencies remain subject to the full range of HUD monitoring, oversight, and evaluation efforts. Public comment, input from residents and participants, and community collaboration is requested throughout the process. RCHA adopts local policies and program changes. HUD evaluates the overall impacts of the changes.
  • MTW does not include program-wide employment requirements! While we will aim to increase opportunities for resident and participant self-sufficiency, we are NOT pursuing program-wide employment requirements.
  • MTW does not mean cutting the number of households we serve. MTW requirements include continuing to assist substantially the same total number of families or more.

MTW Objectives

  • Cost Effectiveness: Improve efficiency, reduce costs, leverage other funds, changes in staffing & resource
  • Self Sufficiency: Incentivize employment and self-sufficiency for households
  • Housing Choice: Increase mobility and access to address housing quality, neighborhood safety, access to community resources, and supportive services

MTW Time Line
January 2, 2019 RCHA Submits Letter of Interest to HUD
August 28, 2020 RCHA receives invitation from HUD to submit full application
September, 23, 2020 Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Meeting Morgan Britt & Benton Court
October 6, 2020 Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Meeting McColl Page Plaza & Westgate
October 7, 2020 Draft MTW plan available for 30-day public comment
October 12-31, 2020 Survey distributed to residents & data analyzed
November, 6, 2020 Public Comment Period Ends
November 9, 2020 Public Hearing, 4PM Call in # will be provided
November 16, 2020 RCHA Board of Commissioners approve plan by resolution
December 4, 2020 MTW application is sent to HUD