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Robeson County Housing Authority Serves Residents Utilizing CARES Act Funding

Robeson County Housing Authority (RCHA) initiated the following projects:  

  1. Created/Distributed CARE Kits to residents. Kits include: disinfectant (gallon), 1 spray bottle, gloves (100 qty), hand sanitizer (8 oz), face masks (10 Qty), toilet tissue (10 rolls), paper towels (5 rolls), informational magnet, and infrared thermometer (coupon).
  2. Installed Rent Collection Drive-up Drop Boxes at all 4 complexes.
  3. Installed a Walk-up customer service window with interactive camera system.
  4. Utilized social media notifying residents of COVID-19 testing & other health & safety information.
  5. Food distribution partners : Mountainair Farms, Robeson Disaster & Recovery Coalition, Second Harvest.
  6. Installing a One-Stop Kiosk for Tenant Services at two sites.      

RCHA is currently accessing additional resident needs while planning additional projects.

RCHA staff pictured with CARE kits newly installed rent collection drive up box New walk up customer service window