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Semi-Annual Inspection Preparation

Inspection Dates: June 6th - 8th, 2022

Under the Moving to Work initiative, RCHA will conduct two inspections per year with the intent to preserve housing stock and reduce maintenance costs. The RCHA Moving to Work plan became effective in May 2021.

Preparing for Inspection

  • There should be NO furniture blocking windows, utility closets, front door, or back door
  • Furniture blocking windows, utility closets, front doors, or back doors will result in a failed inspection. You must correct the blocked egress immediately.
  • You will be reinspected in 24 hours for a blocked egress. If corrections are not made you will be issued a lease termination.

What to Expect for Inspection

  • Housing, Maintenance, and ROSS staff will be completing inspections 
  • RCHA will issue a copy of your inspection sheet at the completion of the inspection

Failed Inspection Information

  • If you fail your inspection, you will receive information from ROSS with resources to help pass reinspection
  • If you do not call ROSS in the designated timeframe, you will be reinspected in 48 hours from your initial inspection

Preparation Check-List:

  • All floors are swept and mopped thoroughly
  • The stove is free from old, spilled, and spoiled food
  • There are no dirty dishes in the sink
  • All kitchen counters are clear and cleaned
  • Lift the top of the stove range and clean under it
  • The stove hood range and filter are free from grease
  • All rooms are free from clutter and are organized
  • All smoke detectors are installed
  • The walls are free from holes, scratches, and markings

semi-annual inspection preparation flyer - all content as listed above